Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nina Simone: The High Priestess of Soul

The High Priestess of Soul: Nina Simone

Singer Nina Simone's mysteriously soulful and haunting voice is what makes her collection of over 40 albums one of the most unique examples of vocal jazz. Simone had a style to match her music. She managed to exude a regal and eclectic jazz mystique. I find her brand of cool to be particularly original and iconic.  

 A Civil Rights activist her entire career, and rebel when it came to racial issues in the music industry, Simone had a look that could be said as part Nubian princess and part Black Panther.  A look that can be found in lots of ethnic prints, bold jewelry, head dresses and tunics.  One of my absolute favorite eclectic female icons of the late 20th century. 

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